I am a keen observer of the world around me and, as such, can’t help but notice shapes and patterns that occur naturally and those that are man made.

Shapes, for some reason, resonate with me very strongly. They are found everywhere, and to me are honest in their simplicity and beauty – each with its own character. Simple by themselves, shapes can be made into astonishingly complicated and intriguing patterns and creations.

I loved craft as a youngster and enjoyed creating things by adding one stitch/line/layer to another. This way of working has followed me into my artist practice whether I am painting or sculpting.

As a student of History, I am interested in the story of mankind and now have become quite fascinated by humans’ effect on the earth and on each other. Thus, I paint paintings or construct sculptures which often make references to current events or to some on-going issue in the world.

To create sculptures I use multiple, re-purposed objects, for example: puzzle pieces, embroidery hoops, or galvanized metal pieces whose shape, colour and texture appeal to me. My paintings consist of very flat surfaces which allow the viewer to focus on the repeated, hard edged, geometric shapes and the balanced colour. Placing hue against hue, shape against shape, value against value, piece against piece, I create complex art works whose component parts can be enjoyed for what they are.

Shapes and every-day items are often overlooked - often not really appreciated as having their own intrinsic beauty. It is these ordinary things that I want people to truly see, because they intrigue me. #artiswhereyoufindit